Who I am

I am Jamie Hoy, owner of Jamie’s Custom Cutting.  I love working with my hands and making quality products that are useful to people.  I have always loved working with wood but never thought I would be able to have my own business and sell the products I make.  I have cerebral palsy so my body does not work like most people’s do. I have an awkward gait when I walk, poor fine motor skills and my speech is severely affected.   I am not the typical person who runs table saws and power tools. I like to tell people I cannot cut up my own meat on my plate, but I can make you a cutting board to chop your vegetables on.  

How I started

I received my associate’s degree in greenhouse production and management but was never able to find stable work in this field.  I received assistance with exploring options for work from my local County Board of Developmental Disabilities and the Ohioans with Disabilities.  With their help, I saw that I could develop what I loved as a hobby, woodworking, into a business. OOD helped me get my business started by providing funds for a SawStop table saw which is much safer than your average table saw.  If the blade is touched by your hand it stops and the blade drops below the table. You get to keep your fingers and avoid a potential serious injury. It makes it much safer for anyone, but especially for someone like me who has balance issues and awkward movements.  I am able to safely cut wood with accuracy.

What I do

I have developed my own products which include a variety of cutting boards for kitchen use and other wooden items.  I use hardwoods including walnut, maple, cherry and oak. Each board is handmade and finished in my shop. I take great pride in offering a quality product to meet the needs of my customers.  I would be glad to make a custom cutting board to meet your individual needs. Contact me for an estimate for your custom cutting board.

Check out what I’ve made

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